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Варианты корпусов для домашних компьютеров серии "Optimal Home"
Asus TA 665 ATX 400W
Asus TA-B21 ATX 450W
Asus TA-B12 ATX 450W
Asustek TA 8H1 ATX 450W
Asustek TA 8H2 ATX 450W
Asustek TA 668 ATX 350W
IN-WIN "EAR-003"
IN-WIN "EAR-006"
IN-WIN "EAR-007"
IN-WIN "EMR-001"
IN-WIN J607 "Black"
IN-WIN J607 "Silver"
IN-WIN "IW-J614TA F430"
IN-WIN "IW-J614TA F430"
IN-WIN "S-508"
IN-WIN "Z-720"
Raidmax "Pure Color O2 302HB"
SeulCase J9 Black-Red
SeulCase J9 Black-Green
Superpower "3331-CA"
Thermaltake "VC2350BNSE" Black Mambo
Thermaltake "VD6430BNSE Soprano VX"
Thermaltake "VI64021N2E" Black Strike MX
Superpower "3319-CA"
IN-WIN "IW-C583T2"
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